I am currently using Kubuntu 8.04 on all my work computer, and Kubuntu 9.04 at home. I will put here some stuff that I found useful, in the hope that someone will need it too.

VNC Server 4.1.2 packaged for Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Apparently there is a bug with the vnc4server for Hardy. The workaround seems to be to copy the equivalent files from a Fedora distro, which contains a newer version of the software. I have to say that I tried that and didn't see any improvement in performance, but your setup might be different and it might work for you.

I created some deb packages for Hardy, starting from the original version and substituting the binaries with the Fedora 8 ones. These are a direct replacement of the vnc4server and vnc4-common packages, and can be downloaded from here:

The original Fedora and Hardy packages that I used are these ones:

SQLite 2 PHP extension for Aruba Linux hosting

Aruba is offering a nice cheap option for web hosting. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer any database with the basic package. It's true that the MySQL addition, costs little but why bothering if we can have SQLite for free?

This is a repackaging of the standard PECL SQLite extension especially made for the aruba PHP4 installation.

Important: this extension only allows support for v2 of SQLite, and only works for aruba hosting with PHP4. Aruba is apparently planning to upgrade to PHP5, and I have no idea of the details, and whether it will have the SQLite support built-in. Anyway, if we need it, I will have a PHP5 version of the package ready as well ;)

Separate+ plugin for Gimp packaged for Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

Separate+ is a plugin for the Gimp, available at this website, which adds CMYK support to this popular image manipulation software. It is available within the "gimp-plugin-registry" for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, but not for 8.04. Since it's a LTS release, and I needed this package, I created a deb (thanks to checkinstall) for Hardy i386. You can find it here:

Google Gadgets plasmoid support for Jaunty

KDE4.2, included in Jaunty, is able to add Google Gadgets as plasmoids, but this feature is not available out of the box due to license issues. It needs some compiling to be done, but this goes quite smoothly, following this simple guide that I wrote today. However, to make things easier, I packaged the binaries in a deb file that can be installed in one click. At the moment, this works with today's builds of libggadget-qt (0.10.5-0.1ubuntu1) and kdebase-workspace-bin (4:4.2.1a-0ubuntu12). Since Jaunty is still beta, I expect these versions to change quite rapidly, and I will try to keep the package up-to-date as much as possible. At the moment, this package depends on these exact versions, so in case of a system update that involves these two packages, this feature will be disabled. Update: Today (2/4/09) kdebase was updated to version 4.2.2. I recompiled the package and it is online right now (see below); I removed the "version locking", since I could actually see no real reason for it, so it works for now, but who knows about the future?

Bluetooth support for Eee PC in Jaunty

Due to a bug, the Jaunty kernel doesn't support bluetooth activation for the Eee PC (901 and other models). With this tarball, you should be able to easily build a working module and to install it in the kernel tree. Remember that the module has to be recompiled and reinstalled every time the kernel is updated.

Instructions: extract the tarball, read the README file.