Publication List

Peer-reviewed Papers

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Book chapters

  • Santini F, Amrhein TJ, Basics of MRI Safety, in Duke Review of MRI Physics, 2nd Edition, Elsevier, 2018


  • Nanz D, Santini F, Luechinger R, Andreisek G, Hofmann-Stricker M, O’Gorman Tuura R, Hodler J, Merkle EM, Empfehlungen zur Sicherheit von Magnetresonan-Untersuchungen am Menschen,

Grants as Principal Investigator

  • Santini F, Self-Improving Collaborative Segmentation Platform for Magnetic Resonance Images, SNF, 2020-2021, CHF 98,945
  • Santini F, Development and Clinical Validation of Magnetic Resonance Methods for the Functional Imaging and Spectroscopy of Skeletal Muscles by Means of Synchronized Electrical Muscle Stimulation, SNF, 2017-2021, CHF 496,000
  • Santini F, Garcia M, Pansini M, Hirschmann A, Schmidt-Trucksäss A, Bieri O, Development of magnetic resonance methods for functional imaging of the skeletal muscles, Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Diseases, 2016, CHF 96,693
  • Santini F, Garcia M, Pansini M, Hirschmann A, Schmidt-Trucksäss A, Bieri O, Development of magnetic resonance methods for functional imaging of the skeletal muscles, Swiss Foundation for Research on Muscle Diseases, 2015, CHF 92,974
  • Santini F, Bremerich J, Zellweger M, Development and validation of non-contrast-enhanced cardiac viability magnetic resonance imaging with variable echo time, Swiss Cardiology Foundation, 2014, CHF 70,000

Grants as Co-investigator

  • Deligianni X, Santini F, Acquisizione di un elettrostimolatore Digitimer DS7A per l’imaging dinamico dei muscoli scheletrici tramite risonanza magnetica, Ruch & Gustav Jacob Foundation, 2017, CHF 8,586
  • Martin BA, Bunck A, Giese D, Santini F, Oshinski J, Loth F., Multicenter in vitro assessment of 4D PC MRI for quantification of cerebrospinal fluid motion in Chiari and Syringomyelia, American Syringomyelia Alliance Project, 2013, $53,568