Diving cruise in the Maldives 2021

The Maldives offer amazing biodiversity, with large fishes (sharks and mantas) as well as reef life. These pictures are from a week-long cruise with Emperor Maldives. Great experience and great company!

These photos are Copyright by Francesco Santini 2021 and released under a CC-BY-ND license. This means that you can freely use and distribute them, even for commercial purposes, but you must cite the author and cannot modify them. Please contact me for other uses.

Diving in Liguria 2020

Diving in Liguria (Portofino Natural Park) with Massub diving. August 2020.


I have created a divelog page that I distribute to my students. It is based on my experience and it is meant to contain all the important information that an Open Water/Advanced diver should include while describing their dives. I am releasing it as open source, it is saved in svg format, which you can edit with Inkscape.

I prepared it in two versions: the standard “Divelog” format (188x118mm) and the standard “Personal Organizer” format (170x95mm). If you prepare other formats and you would like to see them on this page, or if you make any improvement that you would like to share, feel free to contact me..

Below, you can see the previews of the divelog pages, with links to the svg files and links to pdf files that can be printed on A4 paper double-sided (long edge binding) to have nice double-sided pages ready to be put into your divelog!

Divelog format

Organizer format

Argentario 2019

Diving in Argentario in September 2019 with Argentario Divers