Weather forecast app for sailors

When planning a sailing trip, it’s important to know what the typical winds for a specific region and a specific time are. However, I could not find any online resource that could do easily show this.

I created a free online app that allows you to choose a date, click on a place, and it gives you a prediction of the typical winds in the area based on free historical data. You can use it here:

Select a date, click on a point on the map, and after a few second a plot like this will appear:

In the two panels, typical windspeeds and directions are indicated. The sectors correspond to wind directions, and the width of the wedge tells how common that wind is, the larger the wedge, the more common. The length of the wedge is proportional to the speed and the actual value is written in knots. In this example, the most common wind is from the west, with a median speed of 8.9 knots and a top speed recorded in the previous years of 20.9.

The circle in the middle with a percentage shows how often (in terms of hours) a windspeed of less than 5 knots was recorded. Minimum and maximum temperatures as well as precipitation probability is also reported.