DIY Hand Sanitizer Calculator

The World Health Organization published a guide on how to produce an effective hand sanitizer when a commercial one is not available. While they discourage home production, with the COVID-19 pandemics in action, finding hand sanitizer has become challenging everywhere in the world.

I’ve made a google sheet for the calculation of the quantities needed for home production using the WHO recipe. You will need:

  • Ethanol or Isopropylic (“rubbing”) alcohol (as pure as possible)
  • Hydrogen Peroxyde (any concentration)
  • Glycerol

Open the Google sheet here:

Make a local copy so you can modify it. You will need to know the exact concentrations of the ingredients you are using. Put those in the gray fields, and the amount that you want to produce. The output fields will show the amounts of each liquid that you need (in ml and in grams, if you want to use a scale).

Please notice that I take no responsibility for the outcome!